Formi - Small magnets for BIG creations

Formi is a world of small powerful spherical magnets. They are so strong that one can lift something 1,000 times its' own weight. Together, they form the construction gadget of the century. Start from simple 2D shapes and advance to complex 3D forms and real marvels of magnetic construction. Formi is here to challenge your imagination and creativity allowing you to build anything your mind can create.


Using Formi stimulates the entire brain, both left and right side. Each side of the brain controls a different function area, one side responsible for logical reasoning, mathematics and critical thinking, while the other controls imagination, creativity and visual recognition. Use Formi for relaxation and brain training.

Stress relief is one of the most beneficial functions of Formi. While massaging your brain, both of your hands are "tied up" thus releasing stress in a good way. Sooner or later, the creations have to be destroyed in order to make new ones which is quite pleasurable.

  • Brain massager
  • Stress reliever
  • Patience intensifier
  • IQ elevator
  • Creativity expander
  • Boredom killer

How does it work?

As any magnet, the Formi magnet spheres consist of two magnetic poles. The inner core of each sphere is made out of Neodymium magnet, the strongest magnetic material existing today. Due to the mutual attraction (and repulsion) between the spheres, Formi can be combined into any shape imagined by understanding and following the simple rules of magnetism. In other words, whenever something doesn't work you can simply flip to the opposite side and try again. As you advance into more complex designs, magnetism will feel as a natural sense.



User manual

Each Formi pack includes a user manual to get you started in the world of Formi.


Each Formi pack includes a special pouch for you to store the magnets in when they are not used. Keep them in and keep them safe!



Each Formi pack includes a card you can use for splitting and measuring. It's a must-have for an advanced play!


Formi - original

The standard version of Formi magnets consists of 216 nickel plated magnet spheres. 







Do not put the magnets in your nose or mouth. Swallowed magnets might stick to the internal human body organs and this could provoke serious injuries and/or death! In case of swallowing or inhaling the magnets, urgently ask for medical assistance.


  • Be used by children younger than 14 years;
  • Put the magnets close to one’s mouth or nose;
  • Be kept close to a person using a pacemaker or similar apparatus;
  • Be kept next to credit cards, personal computers and similar appliances that are sensitive to magnetic fields.


Store and keep them in the provided bag!

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